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What services are provided by Adamson Bros.?

Residential Sales & Service for Arcoaire equipment. Service on all brands of furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. We service and install residential boilers. We install electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, programmable thermostats and zoning control systems.

What area(s) do you serve?

We have customers generally within a 45 mile radius of Ottawa, Ks. Our main focus area is south of 56 highway, west to Osage City, SW to Burlington, south to Kincaid, SE to Osawatomie and east to Paola.

Are your technicians licensed and bonded?

Our service technicians and installers are licensed. They maintain the required continuing education annually as needed for licensing. Not bonded.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We have financing available for all the products and services we offer through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. CLICK HERE for additional information and to apply online.

What products do you offer?

How long can I plan to use my equipment?

Today's furnaces are expected to last around 20 years. An A/C system around 15 years and a heat pump system around 15 years.

When should I think about upgrading my heating and cooling system?

Any time there is a major repair needed that isn't covered by the warranty, the cost of a new furnace or A/C should at least be compared with the repair costs. Most repair parts are only warranted for one year. New equipment will have a longer warranty. The frequency of any past repairs should also be considered. A customer can stand a good chance of improving their operating efficiency with a new system when compared to any equipment more than 10 years old.

How do I know when my freon is getting low?

If your A/C system isn't cooling as well as it has in the past, and you are sure your air filter is clean, there is a good chance the system is low on refrigerant. Low refrigerant level is one of the major causes of an air conditioner "freezing up". The other is a dirty air filter. The most important thing for the customer to pay attention to is keeping the air filter clean.

What does it mean when my A/C is blowing air out at an increased temperature and the house is not cooling?

Most likely the condensing unit, A/C unit, on the outside of your house is not running. If it is running it may be very low on refrigerant. It may be as simple as a breaker having been tripped. And it could be a component within the unit has failed requiring a visit from a technician.

What if I hear a strange rattling sound from my outside A/C system or Heat pump every time it turns off?

Any time a customer hears a sound that alarms them, they should call to set up a service call. Most abnormal noises a customer hears are very difficult to troubleshoot over the phone and should be checked out by a technician.

Is an A/C and gas furnace better than having a heat pump system?

A heat pump unit cools your house in the summer and provides heat in the winter. They extract heat from the outside air temperature and they work especially well when outside air temperatures are above 40 degrees F. At cooler outside air temperatures, some form of "auxiliary heat" is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. In our area, heat pumps have been mostly installed in homes that are total electric and the auxiliary heat will come in the form of an electric furnace. It is also possible to use a gas furnace, natural or propane, for the auxiliary heat source. It shouldn't be said that one is better than the other. They both are reliable and share similar operating and installation costs. The decision as to which system is best for the house can only be made after close inspection of the house and discussion of goals and expectations a customer has from the heating and cooling system.

Do you install ground source heat pumps?

We install Bosch Geothermal systems. These systems are the ultimate in year round operating efficiency. A heat pump unit that sets outside the home, like an A/C unit does, extracts heat from the outside air temperature. A geothermal system extracts its' heat from the ground that is a constant temperature, around 55 degrees. We prefer and suggest using vertically drilled "wells" for the installation of the ground loop. A water solution is circulated through this loop to extract heat from the ground in the winter and to reject heat to the ground in the summer.

How do you decide the size of a new system that my house will need?

Our equipment is sized using Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) manual J residential load calculations. We can best derive the information needed for this calculation during a visit to the residence.

What kind of an air filter comes with a new system?

We provide a 1" thick disposable MERV 8 air filter of appropriate dimensions to match the system. The MERV number represents filter efficiency. MERV 8 is the most used residential filter.

Do you install electronic air cleaners?

We install Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners that do an excellent job on dirt, dust, allergy causing pollen and mold spores. You can expect them to cost around $1,000.00 installed. They require diligent maintenance to keep them working properly.

Is there an air filtering option between an electronic air cleaner and the 1" thick disposable air filters?

We do have a disposable air filter available that is 5" thick with a MERV 10. Initial installed cost is around $150.00. Replacement filters cost around $50.00. This filter typically lasts 6 months.

Should there be water coming from my furnace when it is running?

Furnaces that are 90% efficient and higher will have water coming from their drain when they are operating. This is normal for high efficiency furnaces.

Do you sell and install programmable thermostats?

Yes we do. We stock and sell Honeywell thermostats. The programmable thermostats work well for most gas heating systems, but not as well with heat pumps and electric furnaces.

Why not use a programmable thermostat with a heat pump system?

Heat pump systems do a good job of maintaining a temperature in a home. They are however slow to raise the temperature after it is lowered as with a programmable thermostat. In our opinion, the best way to operate a heat pump system is to set the thermostat where you are comfortable and leave it set there.

How can I tell if my carbon monoxide detectors is working or not?

Bring it to Adamson Bros. at 102 S. Walnut here in Ottawa and we can test it for you. (view map for our location)